Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 61

Well I did not have transfers, and one of my companions did not get transfered so that is a success haha! I am with Elder Davila. Elder Davila has 2 months on the mission, and is from Lima, Peru. Since he is still in his first 12 weeks, I will be training him. Elder Brown got a new companion, Elder Blanco from Bolivia. We had a really good week! We had 6 people we are teaching at church and all of them are being prepared to get baptized. Nancy, Brigit, and Michael came. They will be getting baptized this Sunday, so I am really excited for that! Baptisms and conference this weekend! It should be a really good weekend!

We are also teaching Rosa. She is really cool. We met her this last Wednesday, and she accpeted a baptismal date, on the first contact. We taught her a couple times and she continues to get more and more excited. She went to church, and it turns out just about the entire branch knows her! They are probably kicking themselves, for not inviting her sooner. 

Sandra also was at the church. She brought 3 of her 4 kids aswell, so that was really cool. She has been taught by the missionaries a bunch of times, but this time, she is ready to get baptized. Her kids are all really cool too. She has 3 boys and a girl. Santiago is 3 years old. Diego is 8. Anderson is 12 and her daughter Carolyn is 17. I think we will be able to baptize the three kids that are old enough.  Sandra is getting ready to be baptized the 10th of October. (the next week.)

A member had a huge turtle, so we decided to take pictures. I think it is a aligator snapping turtle or something, but it can break wood boards with its mouth. (we tested it out. haha) 

Well that was my week. It was a great one! I hope that everyone has a great week this week, and can find time to watch conference. It is going to by great!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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