Monday, July 4, 2016

Week 101

Well it has been a great week! The family of 3 were able to go to church, and we were able to have Alfredo in church as well. Alfredo was not baptized, because he still wants to recieve his answer, but he is doing good. He prayed the other, day and with how good his prayer was, I could tell that he is ready. The family of 3, the Salazar family is doing good. They should be baptized this Saturday if everything goes well. It is too bad that, it could not be last week that they were baptized. I am in the office for my last week. Tommorrow, we have interviews, and then on Wednesday lunch with president, and we get to visit converts, on Thursday we get to go to the temple, then have some trainings, and on Friday I leave. It will be a week that is a little different, but it should befun. It is crazy how fast these 2 years have gone by. I have really enjoyed them, and it is crazy to see how many lives have been changed thanks to the gospel. I hope that everyone has a great week!!!!!!

Love, Elder Sorensen

***Thanks to Rocio for sending us pictures and taking such good care of Elder Sorensen***