Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 60

Well my companion had transfers this week..... Yep I have now had 6 companions in 6 weeks. It has been pretty crazy haha. Right now I am in a trio with Elder Brown and Elder Davila.  Elder Brown is from Layton, Utah he has 1 year on the mission.  Elder Davila is from Lima Peru and has 6 weeks on the mission. 

We have had a pretty good week, and it ended in a baptism!!! I was not planning on ending with a baptism, but it happened!  It was a really cool one and the spirit was super strong! She really had a change of heart and really wanted to be baptized. Her name is Jessica. She is a counciler for the town of Arenillas, so that is pretty cool!   We also have 7 other people that we are preparing to get baptized.  There are 5 who want to be baptized the 3rd of October, so that should be a good day! We will have Conference and 5 baptisms! The patience here in Arenillas is now paying off! We are finding a lot of cool people, that really want to find the truth. We did have a tough start here but little by little it is picking up. We are having an awesome time here and the work is moving!  We had 125 people at church so that was awesome! If we can keep it this high for 3 more months or so, they will be building a chaple here- so that should be pretty cool!  I hope that everyone has a great week, and I am looking forward to my week!

Love, Elder Sorensen

                             These bananas will end up in the United States.

                                    This is their current church

      View of the city from the church

                 $1.00 Pineapple

        Service with a smile!  
         Painting a house.

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