Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 34

It has been a very good week! We have been working very hard this week to find some people to teach, and our hard work has worked out quite a bit!  We have 4 people that are all set to get baptized this month. We have 2 for April 4th and 1 for April 18l and 1 for April 25thl!  We are teaching them and they are all coming along very well.
          We are teaching Xavier who is going to be able to get baptized April 4th. He will be                able to go to watch some of General Conference. His cousin was baptized this week            and he was very excited to see that.
We are teaching Guillermo. He was at church this last week and it looked like he liked the church quite a bit. He has a wife and kids that we can hopefully teach too.
          We are teaching Ronaldo. He sells fries and we just started talking to him while we                were waiting for him to cook our fries. He said that he wants to change and he should            be able to get to church this next week.

We are still teaching Miruim. She was sick this week so we were not able to teach her much. She also was not able to go to church because she was sick. Hopefully she will be able to get to church the next week. 
It should be a good week this week. We have a family home evening for every day of the week Monday through Friday.  Hopefully the members will be able to bring some people over to them. I am doing really good and having a good time. Hopefully we will see these 4 investigators at church I hope that everyone has a great week this week!!

Love, Elder Sorensen
                                                   Elder Aliaga

I like to look for Rainbows, whenever there is rain...

At some point,Khristian started saving banana stickers. ( that is a lot of bananas) 

Apparently the best hot dog in the world!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 33

Hey guys! I hope that everyone had a great week! I had a pretty good one!

Well Elder Grafton got transferred. He really just switched bedrooms because he still lives in the same house. He is now in Monay a sector that is right by us. My new companion is Elder Aliaga. He is from Peru and has 19 months in the mission. He has been Elder Williams companion so it is pretty cool that we have had the same companion now.
 Well Osvaldo did not get baptized again. We are going to work with him, but we are not sure what is going to happen. We found Miruim this week I do not know if I said anything about her last week. She has a daughter that is 6. She and her daughter went to church this week. It was pretty cool to see them there. She is preparing for April 4th for her baptism.

This has been a slower week. We also had a training with Presidente Torres. It was a very good day and we learned a lot. It was overall a very good day. The rest of the week we spent trying to find Osvaldo. Sorry I don't have a lot to say this week I will have more to say next week! Hope everyone has a great week!!!
Love, Elder Sorensen

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 32

Well another week has came and gone! It was a very good week, the only problem was Osvaldo was not able to be baptized. Here is a recap of the week. 

On Tuesday, I had interchanges so I went to the zone leaders district so that one of them could go and interview Osvaldo for his baptism. I had a really good time there.  Elder Flamenco is who I was with. He is from Boston so we talked about Boston a lot haha.  Osvaldo did not get baptized this last week, but he will be this week.  He is very excited and cannot wait for his baptism.  It actually ended up being a blessing that he was not baptized though, because we got the opportunity to talk to his parents.  His parents at first hated us and told Osvaldo if he was baptized they would kick him out of the house. We never had the opportunity to talk to them before, but after the interview they talked to his parents just a little bit. We went back the next day and invited them to church.  They said they probably would not go because they are super catholic. But surprisingly,  on Sunday when we stopped to pick up Osvaldo for church his whole family was ready and we brought his mom and dad and sister as well. They all liked it a lot.
We also met a menos activo family this week.  They are very cool and we got them to come back to church. Then last night we went to their house for a family night and they had some friends over too. We taught them about baptism and now they all accepted dates to be baptized.
We had 6 people come to church this week. It was definitely a good week for us. Xavier could not go because of work but we are still teaching him. Eddy the guy that was in the hospital is now home and he went to church. He is a member and  he is a very cool guy. His mom and sister are not members and they went to church with them Sunday as well. 
Well over all it has been a very good week. It was nice to end the week with 6 people at church! In all we have 9 people that should be going to church for this next week. It should be a good one!

Love, Elder Sorensen

Elder Ashton is from Payson (such a small world)

Tres Leches

Week 31 Already 7 Months!!

It has been another great week here in Tomebamba. It feels like this week has just flown on by. It did not seem like a week had passed by at all. We worked with Osvaldo and Xavier a lot this week. They are doing really good. Xavier is very excited for his baptism and wants to just get baptized this week. He is also teaching what he has learned with his family and all of his work buddies. He said that a couple of them are very interested and want to hear from us, so we will be teaching them this week. Xavier was not able to attend the church this week but he told us he definitely will be there this next one. He needs to go to church two more times to be baptized. 

Osvaldo is doing really good as well. He attended church and now only needs his interview to be ready for his baptism this Saturday! It should be a good Saturday- because when we have a baptism the week goes by extra good. We are excited for him and he is excited as well. He has a lot of faith and on Saturday we took him to another baptism and it got him even more excited. 

This next week we will be working with a lot of less active members too. We met a lot of families yesterday that are not going to church and so this week we will be visiting them. We have family home evenings scheduled for the next couple of nights with families so it should be nice. 

One thing that is really nice about this ward is there are a lot of people from Venezuela. It is awesome because they actually know about baseball- haha.  It is pretty cool to talk with them about it because there, baseball is what soccer is in Ecuador. They have a lot of cool stories about some player they met. One member even has a signature of Pablo Sandoval
Well everything else is really good here. We are having a great time and we are working very, very hard. The weeks are going by very fast. I have already been in this area for 3 weeks and it seems like it has been like 3 days I have been here. I hope everyone has a great week!
Love, Elder Sorensen