Monday, December 14, 2015

Week 72

Well this week went by super fast! It was a really good one too. We had the Christmas Choir devocional this week with our mission. (President Torres puts together a choir and they travel singing in all the districts and stakes.) Wednesday they came to Santa Rosa. It was cool because the only members from our branch that showed up were Jessica and her family. We ended up having 4 recent converts and 3 investigators there. It was super cool. They loved it and felt the spirit there. Other than that, we had a regular week. We had a branch activity cleaning the church on Saturday. That was pretty cool. We had a lot of members there and they helped alot. It was nice to have a clean church for Sunday. Everyone loved our christmas ties at church on Sunday. They liked them without knowing that they could play christmas songs haha. When they found out that they played songs they were stunned haha. I think I will be making a singing tie company here, they all wanted them haha.

 In Elders Quorm we learned about stakes, but our crazy teacher started to talk about Vampires and that you have to kill Vampires with stakes, haha. It was pretty ridiculous. Then after he said that we should be filled with the spirit, so that when vampires come to suck our blood that they can only suck the spirit out of us. I learned a bunch. Definitley the best Elders Quoroum class. haha. 
That was my week. I Hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Sorensen

Week 70


Well it was a great week!!! I thought for about the entire week that it was going to be a tough one and I was worried that on Sunday we would not have anybody at church, but in the end we had a baptism! Everything went really well and it was a blessing to see that Alexandra got baptized. We had been teaching her for 3 months. She was not very happy during this week for her baptism and we could not find her at all. On thursday we only had 2 minutes to talk to her and then we taught her Saturday night. Those were the only times we talked to her this week, and she was baptized. We had a great lesson with her Saturday night and she told us that she wanted to be baptized Sunday after church. We found a new spot under the bridge to do the baptisms, and the river current was strong there, and I almost fell down while I was in the river baptizing, but in the end she was baptized and I did not fall. I also ate Crab for the first time in my life this week. It was not that great.... and it was a bunch of work to eat it haha, but I think  would try it again. Oh and today we went to a zoo, so that was cool. We saw some pretty cool animals there. The monkeys were the coolest. Well that is all for this week! I hope everyone has an amazing week!

Love, Elder Sorensen

Week 71

Well it has been another great week! It was very short and very, very hot, but it all went well. On Tuesday I got a call that we had to go to Guayaquil because we were going to the temple, so that was awesome. We actually went into the temple Wednesday to do a session. It was cool to be back in the temple and to feel the spirit. The only down side was sleeping in the hotel by the temple. The AC in our room was broken, and so it was like a sauna in there. haha. I woke up in the morning soaking wet from sweat haha. Not the best experience. Our branch went to the temple Saturday aswell. Jessica, Teresa, and Patricia went to the temple. They all liked it a lot and did some baptisms. It was cool because a family was sealed there too. The Burgos family. They are a really cool family and were really excited to be sealed. It was nice to see what the end result of our work is. It got me excited to keep working. Sunday was awesome because it was testimony meeting. Just about all my converts shared their tesimonies and it was great to hear how strong their testimonies are. I learned a lesson about fasting as well haha. I kept thinking how hungry I was the entire time and thinking about after the fast. Well after the fast we ate 3 dinners... I was stuffed after and did not want to know anything about food haha. Our investigators are doing really good. Looks like we can have a couple of baptisms this week. I hope everyone has a great week! 

Love, Elder Sorensen

Week 69

Well this week went by super fast. We had a pretty good time and found some new people. One person we found was really cool. His name is Erwich and he speaks english. The only problem is that he works in the middle of the Amazon Jungle and only comes to his house every once and a while. We taught him and it was a great lesson and he was really interested, but it is just a bummer that he is not in his house enough to teach him. We also found some other people, but they were not able to make it to church. We are having a great time here and our converts are starting to gain really strong testimonies. It was cool yesterday when we gave the Principles of the Gospel class, because we had our converts share their testimonies with our investigators. It was really really cool, and the spirit was super strong in the room. Everyone really enjoyed that class. Alexandra did not get baptized this week. She wants to be certain before she gets baptized. It was hard because we all thought she would get baptized, but it is alright. This week maybe! :) There is not much more to talk about. Everything is going good. I hope that everyone has a great week! 

Love, Elder Sorensen