Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 62

Well It has been a great week!  General Conference was really good, there were so many great talks. We also baptized Nancy and Brigette, (Michael did not want to get baptized so he didnt.) But the 2 baptisms were really good. It was a great way to start Sunday before General Conference. We had the baptisms at 9 and right after we went to General Conference that started at 11. It was awesome to have the spirit from the baptisms lead into conference. The baptism was also cool, because it was in the river! Me and my companion each ended up baptizing one, and it was really cool. I really liked all the talks, but I think my 2 favorties were President Uchtdorf´s   in the Priesthood session, and Elder Christofferson´s talks. I really liked everything about them. I also liked Elder Holland's talk a bunch aswell because I really do have the best mom! It really was a great 2 days of conference. 

We also will be having Sandra´s baptism this week. It could be just her getting baptized, or it could be all of her kids getting baptized with her. We will have to see. I am excited to see what happens and to see if we can get the 4 of them baptized this week. 

I was able to go to Piñas (one of my old areas) this week aswell. I visited Antonio (one of my converts) and he was really exctied to see me. We talked for a little bit and he is doing really good. The weather there was amazing and I really miss the cold breeze right now. It is sooo hot here. haha.
Well that is it for this week. It went really fast. Hopefully we can have another great week this week, and have some more baptisms!

Love, Elder Sorensen

                                                        Sunset in Ecuador

                                                              Wild Parrots

               Catholic Church in Pinas

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