Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 59

Well another week down in Arenillas! It has been a week of work! We worked really hard talking to sooooo many people. We tracted for just about the entire week without success. The people are definitley a bit more hard to teach here, but at least the listen haha. It had been a long week here until Saturday. We found a lady that finally accepted a baptismal date! She went to the church a lot of times like 5 months ago, but her husband would not let her get baptized, but this last week she talked to her husband and he told her she can get baptized and then we found her! It was pretty cool. She was able to go to church as well, so that was sweet! I sent a district picture of us. I am District leader here. There are 6 missionaries. It is pretty cool because we have 6 missionaries in just one branch. We have met some pretty cool people but they just dont accept! It gets on our nerves for a bit, but it is ok. We can only invite the people to come to Christ. We cant make them do it. Well that is it for the week. It was just a week full of work. We met Sandra who will be getting baptized on October 10th, and we willl talk to her 3 kids to see if they want to be baptized aswell. I hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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