Monday, June 6, 2016

Week 97

Well this week was awesome!!!! Alfredo is doing really good. He should be baptized this Sunday. He was at church again, and the members are doing a really good job at being his friend. Last Monday night he went to a family home evening at the stake patriarch's house, and tonight he will be going to another family home evening at our bishop's house. He played Ping Pong all day with us again. He is progressing a lot and it is crazy how fast he is learning. His prayers are getting really good. I am pretty excited for this family home evening, because we will be eating some cinnemon rolls! :) they should be really good. 

We also found a new family to teach yesterday. It was the mom (she is a member) of our one ofour converts. It was her birthday yesterday, and so we went to their house to celebrate. She had been telling her sister how amazing the church was and her sister told her that she wanted to go to church this next week. We got there just in time and she introduced her sister to us. We taught a great lesson 3 (The gospel of Jesus  Christ) to her and her 2 sons. They felt the spirit and, they are being prepared to be baptized July 2nd! (my last saturday on the mission). They are a really cool family, and the mom Mariana has a real desire to learn and to go to church. It was a big blessing to find them!! 

We have 1 more person we are teaching it is Cesar. He is 82. He will be baptized the 25th of June. He is doing really good. He didnt go to church this week, because he was a little sick. Hopefully he gets feeling better this week!

 I hope that everyone has an amazing week as well. Elder Rasband will be visiting us this Friday or Saturday, so that should be really awesome!!! I am pretty excited!!!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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