Friday, June 24, 2016

Week 99

Well this was a great week I gotta say! Everything went really well. It was expecially good because we were able to have 7 people going to church and 6 of them have baptisimal dates now. I will talk a Little about everyone of them.

The first 3 are the Salazar family that we found a couple of weeks ago. They liked the church a lot and are really excited to go to church this week . They are the aunt and cousins of our converts here. They are doing really well and will be baptized the 9th of July.

There is another family that is  doing really well. I am excited for them because it is a family that we found on Friday. We talked to the Dad and he is having a tough time right now. He does not have a very good job right now, and has 3 little kids. We invited him to church and he told us that he would be there with his wife and 3 kids. They all got there! It was pretty crazy!!! They live far away from the church They had to leave at 7 just to get there at 9. They did a lot because the 3 little kids are 3, 6 and a year and a half. It was so amazing to see them there!!!

The last is Cesar that will be baptized this week. He is 87, but is doing good. His family is really excited for him to get baptized.

Alfredo should be baptized this week aswell if he can get feeling better with his Chicken Pox. It was too bad, because he still has red spots all over his body, but he is doing better. His birthday is this Sunday so he will be baptized on his Birthday!! That is pretty cool. 

Well that is about it for this week! Everyone is doing great, and it was awesome to see how everyone got to church. Hopefully they can go this next week aswell. Have a great week everyone!!!!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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