Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 100

Well what a week! It has been a really crazy week. We worked super hard and we had the family of 3 at church again, so that was great!! I was just super excited to see them at church. We also had the baptism of Cesar,so that was great. 

Cesar´s baptism was really special because his family has tried for 15 years now to get him baptized with no luck... He used to hate the misisonaries. He hated that is family had gone from Catholic to Mormon, and so he thought it was the missionaries fault, so he was always bitter towards us. He would always go to church with his family, because he could not be home alone, and little by little he began to change. Then this week was his baptism, but it was not an easy baptism to have. On Thursday we had everything ready, the font filled and everything looked great. A whole bunch of members showed up, and we were just waiting for Cesar and his family. Well it turns out that his wife was a little sick, and so he didnt get baptized Thursday.... It was terrible to have to tell all the members that had gone that, he was not going to be baptized. They luckily understood, but we were pretty bummed. We did not know what to do. On friday we did not have time to visit Cesar, but at like 850 we got a call saying from his daughter telling us that he would be baptized the next morning at 11. So, Saturday morning we got everything ready, and he was baptized! It was a cool baptism, because the whole ward had been working for 15 years to get him baptized. The next goal for the family is to be sealed in the temple in 1 year!! I cant wait to hear the news when they get sealed!

The Salazar family is doing really good. They now have 2 attendences at the church. They just have to go 1 more time and can be baptized. Hopefully they get baptized Sunday after church, so that I can see it!!! 

The Doctor told Alfredo that he cant go out in public because he can still give chicken pox to everyone, so hopefully this week can be his baptism! He is really excited to get baptized still. 

Well that is about all for this week. This week is my last week working, because next week we have a bunch of trainings and we get to go to the temple. 

Well I hope that everyone has a great week!!!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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