Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 98

Well another great week here in Ecuador. It was even better because Elder Rasband gave a really great talk to the missionaries. He talked about the spirit and talked on how we need to follow our first impressions not only in the mission, but in life as well. He also talked about our smiles. He said that we always have to smile. He said that people that aren't members notice that we smile, and that we are happy. This is something that I liked a lot. The world is full of problems and afflictions, but we need to smile to help the people that don't have the happiness that we have. They will see the happiness and ask why we are so happy. Elder Montoya, also talked about smiling, so it must be something, that we need to do better as members of the church. :) 

Well Alfredo could not get baptized this week because he got sick... He is sick with Chicken Pox right now, so we can't even go and teach him right now. It has been pretty tough. We teach him through phone calls right now. Hopefully he will get better this week and be able to get baptized next week. We will be having the baptism of Cesar next week too, so that is exciting!

Everything else is going great. The family that we are teaching couldn't  go to church this week, but they say that they will be there this next week. Hopefully they will be able to go.

Pilar went to church this last week, so if she goes this Sunday she can be baptized this 25th aswell!

Well I hope everyone has a great week. Dont forget to smile!!!!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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