Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 96

Well this was a really good week that just passed by! Well... Sunday was really nice, but every other day was actually really tough. We walked a lot!! On thursday and friday they had some sort of holiday and so everyone left on vacation. It was pretty crazy because on Friday we literally walked the entire day, without teaching very many people. Everyone turned us down, but we kept on working. Sunday was awesome. Alfredo and Cesar are doing really well. They are 2 of our investigators that are progressing really fast. Alfredo is 21 and we have pretty much played Ping Pong with him the entire day today. He is pretty good.  Cesar is 84. In his family all of them are members. His wife was Relief society president, and his daughters are return missionaries. He just never wanted to get baptized until now. He will be baptized the 25th of June

      We also had a really cool experience yesterday after church. We went to a house of a reference that we recieved. We had went like 5  times and everytime they had told us that we couldn't enter because they were busy and then shut the door on us. Well this time before we knocked on the door we decided to say a prayer and in the prayer we asked God to let us into their house to teach them. We then knocked on the door and they immediatly opened the door and let us in. We taught the 2 parents. (the mom and the dad). The mom said that she did not believe much in God because there are many bad things that happen in the world and if he wouldnt let these things happen if he lives. We immediately invited her to pray and ask God if he is there. She prayed and during her prayer she started to cry. We asked her how she felt after, and she said that she couldn't explain how it felt, but that she had recieved her answer. It was really cool to see how fast her prayer was answered. Hopefully they will continue to let us visit them, and we will see what happens with them. 

This week coming up we could be having a baptism. There is somebody in our ward that has gone to church his whole life, but never wanted to get baptized. He told us yesterday that he would like to be baptized, so we have an appointment with him today to see what happens. 

Well I hope that everyone has a great week!!!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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