Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 35! 8 Months!

Hey! I hope all of you guys had a fantastic week!  We had a awesome one!
We have been working very hard this week to teach everyone who wants to be taught. We did not have a lot of time to find new investigators because we have been teaching a lot.  We had some really good lessons. We also will be preparing for 2 baptisms this week, so we are very excited for them!  Xavier and Mirium should be getting baptized.  It should be a good week for them because we are working hard to get them ready. Also, they will be baptized on Easter Sunday so it should make it a very special day! We also have 2 other people who are getting ready for their baptisms. We have been teaching Guillermo . He has been to church 1 time and needs to go 2 more times.  We are also teaching Ernest- he sells fries. He has had a rough time, but has decided to change his life and wants to be baptized. We had a ton of family night evenings as well. We had  some good times with the the members in the ward. Over all it has been a very good week and we are looking forward to General Conference and the baptisms.

  Oh and also here it is la semana santa and during this week. The people here wont be eating meat so it looks like I will be eating fish all week haha hopefully it is all shrimp!  I hope that everyone has a very good week!  I can't wait to here from you guys the next week.

Love, Elder Sorensen

Book of Mormon translated into Quichwa- the language that the natives speak

A verse from the Quichwa Book of Mormon

Painted Mural

These pigeons will literally jump into your lap

River by his house

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