Monday, April 6, 2015

Week 36

Well how was conference for everyone?  I had a very, very good week! It finished very well with two baptisms yesterday!!!

So Miriam and Xavier were both baptized yesterday, it was an awesome day!

 Xavier had to attend church on Sunday to be baptized. In the morning he did not show up and we were really worried. We received permission to go out of our sector and talk to him at his work.  He told us there was no way that he would be able to make it to the afternoon session of conference. We asked him if there was anyway he could go. He asked for permission from his manager but she said no. He said maybe he could call his boss that was away on vacation. So he did and his boss said yes!!! It was a miracle! For the last 6 weeks his boss had said there was no way he could miss any Sunday, but this week she said yes! He was super excited and we sprinted to conference so that we would not miss any of it. He was able to attend and he was baptized.

Miriam's baptism was a little bit easier and less stressful. She was able to watch conference on Saturday and Sunday and she was excited for her baptism. The two baptisms were very awesome!

The other 2 investigators were not in conference so it looks like they are not really too interested. We did run into a family of three at conference who were not members and live in our area so we will now be able to teach them.  The mom accepted a date to be baptized and the dad will soon accept one as well!  It looks like these two will be our next baptisms on the 25th of April

 Overall this was one of the best weeks of my mission. It was such a great way to spend an Easter Sunday at conference in the morning and afternoon and then finish the day with 2 baptisms.
I hope everyone has an awesome week!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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