Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 38


It has been a pretty good week this week! We had some pretty good times teaching our investigators. Miriam and Xavier are doing really good. They were both in the church on Sunday. It was nice to see them both there and they looked like they were really happy. Miriam had not had a job for all the time we were teaching her and she was really worried what she was going to do, but recently she received a job too and is a lot less stressed.

We do not have a bunch of other investigators right now, so we will be looking for some more this week. It is a little bit harder to find people to teach here in Cuenca because all of the people don't want to talk with us. But we should have some members that will give us references and we will work with those. It has been a good week in all I don't have a lot to write about, this week. I hope that everyone has had an awesome week and will have an awesome week this week! 

Love,  Elder Sorensen

One of the amazing murals painted on a building in the city

Another amazing mural

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