Monday, April 13, 2015

Week 37

Well it has been an awesome week here in Tomebamba!

The week has been a pretty crazy one, but it definitley started out on the right note! We found out that on Monday Xavier found a new job so he can go to church every Sunday now!!! It is pretty cool because we promised him that if he went to church on Sunday that he would find a new job the following week. He had permission to go he told us on Sunday but really he did not. He went to go to work on Monday and they told him that they no longer needed him. He was a little sad but, as he was walking he ran into an ex boss of his. He talked to him and offered Xavier a new job and said that there was no problem if he wants to go to church on Sunday. It was pretty cool to see the Lord acting on our promise and acting so quickly. 

We also taught Miriam a lot as well. She is doing very well. She really likes the church and is sharing it with everyone. The members have been soo good to help her out and make her feel comfortable in the church. 

We had a rough time finding people to teach this week, so we are working hard to find new people who want to listen. Some of the days were pretty long walking around just hoping we would run into somebody who would listen to us. We found some people and hopefully they will come to church this week. 

We also had some pretty good pizza this week. We bought a pizza that had 45 pieces in it. It was pretty good and all 6 of us finished the pizza! It was a struggle but we ate it all. 
Well that was my week. It was a good one but, a lot of work aswell! I hope everyone has the best week! Take care!


Elder Sorensen

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