Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 34

It has been a very good week! We have been working very hard this week to find some people to teach, and our hard work has worked out quite a bit!  We have 4 people that are all set to get baptized this month. We have 2 for April 4th and 1 for April 18l and 1 for April 25thl!  We are teaching them and they are all coming along very well.
          We are teaching Xavier who is going to be able to get baptized April 4th. He will be                able to go to watch some of General Conference. His cousin was baptized this week            and he was very excited to see that.
We are teaching Guillermo. He was at church this last week and it looked like he liked the church quite a bit. He has a wife and kids that we can hopefully teach too.
          We are teaching Ronaldo. He sells fries and we just started talking to him while we                were waiting for him to cook our fries. He said that he wants to change and he should            be able to get to church this next week.

We are still teaching Miruim. She was sick this week so we were not able to teach her much. She also was not able to go to church because she was sick. Hopefully she will be able to get to church the next week. 
It should be a good week this week. We have a family home evening for every day of the week Monday through Friday.  Hopefully the members will be able to bring some people over to them. I am doing really good and having a good time. Hopefully we will see these 4 investigators at church I hope that everyone has a great week this week!!

Love, Elder Sorensen
                                                   Elder Aliaga

I like to look for Rainbows, whenever there is rain...

At some point,Khristian started saving banana stickers. ( that is a lot of bananas) 

Apparently the best hot dog in the world!

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