Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 13 Squid and Aliens!!

Hey everyone! I hope you guys all had a great week!

I have had a pretty good week this week! We got a lot of lessons taught and have some investigators, now we just have to get them to attend church! 
The first part of the week we got 2 new Elders who moved into our house. Elder Huayamacari from Peru has 20 months on the mission and is very cool. The other is Elder Grafton from California. He is in the group just after me, so now I am not the newest missionary in the mission! There are now some missionaries newer than us! It has been nice to have some more people in the house to talk to since Elder Thomlinson and Elder Thomson left. 
The food has been pretty regular this week. A lot of beans, rice and meat! On Saturday we had some kind of soup that had Squid in it, so that is probably the oddest thing I have had here. It really was pretty good though so I can`t complain about it. Yesterday I also had a new kind of drink that is verdes crushed with milk, but it was not too bad either.
We met this guy on the street the other day that called us over to talk to him. He had been drinking a lot and said some pretty funny stuff to us.  He asked me what I though about aliens. I replied with I don`t know and then he said, "I have seen 2 aliens here in Ecuador and they looked exactly like you! You are an alien!"  He then started to laugh and walked away. It was a pretty funny experience.

We have six investigators that we are all teaching right now, but every single one of them has one problem or another that makes it so we can`t baptize them. The most common is that they are not married, but live with their girlfriend or boyfriend. It is really common here, and it stinks because it makes it hard to get baptized!  Others need permission from their parents, but their parents won`t give them permission and stuff like that. They are all super good people, and they want to be baptized!  We also have one other guy we are teaching that is named Vincinte. He is a very cool guy, his son just got baptized and he wants to know about the church.  7 years ago he got in a car crash and he his paralyzed from the chest down, but he is so happy all the time and he is definitely motivating.  Even though we have some hard times, there are definitely people that have it a lot harder!
That is really all for this week! I hope everyone has an awesome week!
Elder Sorensen

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