Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 10

Hey! Another week has come and gone!!! It has been a very good one and conference the last two days capped off the week!

First off, we have been teaching a lot of people, but they are not getting anywhere. We had 4 people this last week say they wanted to be baptized and we taught a couple of lessons, but when it came time for them to attend church they did not, so they probably will not be making it far. The people all want to be baptized, but they are not willing to do anything, but listen to our messages.

The food this week was all pretty good. We had the usual everyday. Rice and some beans, and of course a little bit of meat as well. I've have had rice every day for lunch for about a month now, but it is still pretty good and I have not gotten sick of it. We did stop at McDonalds on Tuesday for lunch because our Mamita could not cook for us. It was nice to have some American food!

It was also Elder Thomlinson`s birthday this week. He is one of the other Elders that lives with us. They are in the same area as us, so we threw a birthday party for him at a members house. It was a lot of fun and they have  a crazy tradition here that you get whipped once for every year you are old, so in a month I will be getting whipped 19 times I guess!  (Khristian's birthday is Nov 8th!)

Conference was really good! It is a cool experience to watch it differently way than how I usually watch it. It was all in Spanish, so it was very difficult for me to understand everything,  but I could get the message of their talks. On Saturday we watched the sessions at a members house because if we don`t have investigators we can`t go to the church & watch it. It was a lot harder to focus and listen to the talks. It was cool though because Elder Martinez-that spoke in Spanish in the 2nd session on Sunday, had came and talked to us at the MTC. It was cool to see him during Conference because we had just listened to him a couple weeks earlier in person. On Sunday we had some investigators come with us and so we watched Conference at the church. It was a lot easier to focus on the talks. Overall Conference was very good! I loved Elder Bednar`s talk because it was perfect for us missionaries especially with our investigators there listening!

This next week Ecuador plays the US in soccer - that is what one of the members told us, so it should be fun to hear how it goes. In the ward there are 3 gringos and then my companion who is from Columbia, so we have a little wager that if US wins then he owes us pizza, and if Ecuador wins then we buy pizza for him. It should be fun!

I hope everyone has a good week! 
Elder Sorensen

Verdes-they are like Plantains, they are squished and fried, and some scrambled.  A member saw them walking by and had them come in and eat.

Birthday party for Elder Thomlinson 

Cooking at a members house. They made Arepas- they are tortillas with meat inside 

A bus that tried to pass a truck and ended up on the divider! It got impatient and went to the wrong side of the road and it was just a mess

This is how much the 4 of them drink in a week.

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