Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 11

Hey guys! I hope everyone is doing good!

I have had a great week! We are starting to find some people who want to be baptized and listen to our message. We have one guy that said he wanted to be baptized and the date was on Nov. 8th, so he could be baptized on my birthday!!! I can`t think of a better Birthday present! We have worked very hard this week and it has been nice to see the hard work paying off. 
We cooked a lot of food this week, and it has been nice to eat the things that I want to. I think I have made every kind of dish you could possibly make with eggs, but I am still loving them so hopefully I never get sick of them! We made some pretty good  breakfast burritos the other day with hotdogs and scrambled eggs. It is nice to eat an  American dish every now and then. 
There was not a transfer this last week, so it is still us 4 in the house. We are thinking that maybe this next week will be the transfer, but then again we may still be together for this next week. To say goodbye to us, a family got us a cake and said goodbye to the best 4 missionaries they have ever had. One of the members of the family is inactive, and has not been to church in 10 + years, but because of us she has gone the last two weeks and plans on going to church every week for now on. It is very cool to see the work we are doing paying off, and to see how much happier they are because of this gospel!
There has been a constant pattern with the weather here that is kind of unusual. During the week it is super hot during mid-day, and pretty hot in the night, but on weekends it always seems to be overcast.  The people here think it is super chilly, but it is really the perfect temperature. They think that 70 degrees is cold haha!
That is really all for this week! I hope everyone has a fantastic week and can`t wait to here from you guys next week!

Elder Sorensen

I love the ketchup smiley face :)

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