Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 9


I don`t have a whole lot of stuff to say this week because we spent most of it  knocking on doors trying to find people without much luck,  but here are some of the highlights from this week.
The food is still tasting good to me so that is always a plus!  Every single day we have eaten something that I liked.  For breakfast I have had cereal every day and it is still probably my favorite meal to eat because it is the same as it is back home.  We also have a lot of clementines  because you can get 25 of them for a dollar, so they are super cheap and all the people give us a couple when we go to their house.  Bananas are also cheap you can get 20 of them for a dollar, but more people have clementines so that's what we eat more of. The bakeries here are also awesome!  Their fresh rolls are the best.  Whenever we walk by one and they have hot ones they are awesome.  I also had some sugar cane. It was kind of weird because you just bite the cane and suck on it and you get a sugary water kind of stuff - I didn`t like it that much.
 We knocked on a ton of different doors. Every single house we went to said that they were Catholic and did not want to hear from us. They were long exhausting days. There is one guy that wants to be baptized, but he did not come to church and it is hard to teach him because he is never home.
On Saturday we had our first English class where we taught the members some English. It is only an hour long so it is hard to teach them. We more or less just taught them how to say hello and stuff, to introduce themselves. 
Last night we ate some hamburgers at a members house. We had a family home evening at their house, it was definitely nice to have!
There is not much more to talk about. This week flew by and most of it was spent knocking on doors! I hope everyone has a good week!
Love,   Elder Sorensen

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