Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 92

It was another great week here in Guayaquil! Well the entire weeek was actaully really good. We worked hard and found alot of people to teach. It was great until Sunday..... We went early in the morning to pick up the investigators and nobody could go... They all made up excuses. We were bummed but we put on good faces and went to church.  During church I was praying the entire time that we could find somebody to teach. Well at the end of church a member came up and told us, "My 3 kids are not baptized and I want them to be baptized". They  have been going to church for 5 years, but none of the 3 were baptized. It was a miracle to hear that. So we might be having some baptizms coming up.  I think this week or the next week we will have the 3. I am excited to see it!!! Well not much more has happened. We played ping pong all day today so that was pretty fun. I won of course haha. Im joking! I won a couple. Well I hope everyone has a great weeek!!! 

Love, Elder sorensen

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