Thursday, November 5, 2015

Week 66 9 months left!

Well it has been a pretty busy week here in Arenillas, but it really did go by fast. Well I wrote early last week because we decided to go Iguana hunting.  It is pretty intense. Well we went off and actually caught one. It was pretty crazy. They are super strong and it was hard to keep it in your hands. We wanted to eat it but it was too small so we just let it go... :( That was the excting news of the week. 

We had district conference this week and that was pretty good. We were able to bring one investigator named Kevin. He was super excited to go he liked the church a lot. There was not much more going on this week. All of my converts are doing super good here and are all really converted to the gospel. I am excited to work here everyday, and see all of the blessings that they are all recieving. That is all for this week I hope everyone has a great week!

Love Elder Sorensen

 (one of the pictures is of a bread bag. It is from a bread they sell for only this week every year. It is called Guagua bread which means kid bread. It is in the shape of a kid. It is not that great... haha) 

 ***I found this on Google-this is what the "Bread Babies" look like.  It's part of the All Souls Day celebration- to remember loved ones who have passed on. ***

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