Monday, November 16, 2015

Week 68

Well it has been a good week. I ate alot of things that I had not eaten until this point on the mission but there was a lot of good things that we ate. I ate some lobster, some octopus, and some squid. They were all good. I thought that I would not like the octopus, but it was pretty good. Oh and we ate clams aswell. We also have 3 people progressing in the church. Alexandra went for her third time and if she goes one more time this Sunday, she can be baptized. We are going to talk to her tonight to see if she wants to be baptized after the church this Sunday! So we could have a baptism here this week!!! We also had another lady that came to church. Her name is Fabiola. She has a restaurant and is passing through a lot of problems right now. She went to church and she liked it a bunch, and promised us that she would be back this next week. She is preparing to be baptized the 28th, so in about two weeks. Everything is going well for us right now. We had a bit of a slump, but we are getting back into the groove and starting to find people again. This week was crazy because there was a bunch of parties.  Monday thru Thursday we could not find anybody, but Friday and Saturday were great days. Ecuador is now in first place in South America in Soccer, so that is exciting news for them. They play Venezuela  tommorrow. I am excited for this week, because is should be a really good one. The pictures are of a dinner I ate. It is fries, pop corn, plantanes ( i think that is how you spell it.)  and rice. haha It was a weird combination. There was a rodeo here this week and a member bought a cowboy hat there, and so I tried it on haha. And Jessica gave us shirts from when she was running for counselor. They are super small. haha That is all for this week. It was a great week!!!! 

Love, Elder Sorensen

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