Thursday, October 29, 2015

Week 65

 Well this was a pretty crazy week! I think it probably was the craziest week that has passed so far on the mission. It all started Friday.... Well Jessica our convert that got baptized like 2 months ago, her mom got baptized this week. It was super cool because when we met her she did not want anything to do with us. She would leave the room when we taught Jessica and when we would ask her if she wanted to listen to us,  she would say that she is Catholic and leave. Well little by little we gained her confidence until she was baptized this week! That was not the crazy part though... 

On Friday we were working and I recieved a call saying that her Dad had passed away... (he was sick with cancer) She was crying and we ran to the hospital to talk to them. Well I guess how they do things here is a little different than the US. They are buried within a few days.  The funerals are at their house, and they dont like hide the people when they die.... My companion and I had to help them get him into his coffin and a bunch of other things. Not the best thing to do... It was sad to hear that he had died because when I got here 2 months ago he was doing really good. He could walk and talk, but the last couple of days he had gotten really sick. We helped them set up the funeral in their house and everything then went home for the night. We were not thinking that Patricia (Jessicas mom) would get baptized this week at this point. Well on Saturday we had the funeral for our church and we helped with that. I even had to give a talk. Later that night we were eating dinner at their house and right as we finished Patiricia recieved a message that her sister had gotten in a car accident leaving the funeral and that she had passed away. At this point things got pretty crazy and they still did not know what happened when we left at 9 in the night.  At 10 Jessica called us saying that she did not die that she was just in a car wreck. We were relieved, but did not plan on Patricia's baptism due to everything that had went on. Sunday morning we went to their house to see if they would make it to church, and they asked us what we were doing there and that Patricia was waiting for us in the river to get baptized. So we rushed to the river and baptized her. It was really cool to see her faith at this point. Due to all of the events that went on she still got baptized. After church on Sunday they buried her Dad and I recieved another surprise- I had to direct the ward choir for the burial.(I dont even know how to lead music) In the end everything worked its way out and it was a great Sunday. If the story does not make sense I am sorry haha. It is a bunch of stuff and I think we are still confused on what happened haha, but it was a great week!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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