Monday, November 9, 2015

Week 67

Well it was a pretty good week! I will probably always remember it because I had a great birthday!  I ate 4 cakes and 5 dinners for it.... Not all for the same day but yesterday I did eat 2 cakes and 3 dinners. I think we were all about to explode after we were done. I also recieved some pretty cool stuff.  Our Branch President gave me a pretty cool Ecuador Jersey for the upcoming World Cup that will be in Russia in 2018. I also got a soccer scarf from Barcelona and a new tie from our Ward Mission Leader. We had a bunch of fun, and my convert Jessica bought me two cakes haha. We started the parties last monday when she bought me a cake, just to make sure that I would have a party because we didnt know if I would have transfers. Then on Saturday in our zone meeting, my zone leaders bought me a cake, and then on Sunday Jessica bought me another one and then the Robles family bought me one. It was pretty awesome, but I dont think I could eat any more cake!!! In all it was a great day!!!! We are teaching 4 people getting them ready for their baptisms. We had 3 people progressing this week and they are all getting excited for their baptisms. My companion and I are having a great time and working well. The time continues to fly by. I hope that everyone has a great week! I know that we will have a great week!
Thanks for all the Birthday Wishes!

Love, Elder Sorensen

                              Cake 1

        The traditional "cake smash"!

                     Cakes 3 & 4

                    Cake 5

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