Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 31 Already 7 Months!!

It has been another great week here in Tomebamba. It feels like this week has just flown on by. It did not seem like a week had passed by at all. We worked with Osvaldo and Xavier a lot this week. They are doing really good. Xavier is very excited for his baptism and wants to just get baptized this week. He is also teaching what he has learned with his family and all of his work buddies. He said that a couple of them are very interested and want to hear from us, so we will be teaching them this week. Xavier was not able to attend the church this week but he told us he definitely will be there this next one. He needs to go to church two more times to be baptized. 

Osvaldo is doing really good as well. He attended church and now only needs his interview to be ready for his baptism this Saturday! It should be a good Saturday- because when we have a baptism the week goes by extra good. We are excited for him and he is excited as well. He has a lot of faith and on Saturday we took him to another baptism and it got him even more excited. 

This next week we will be working with a lot of less active members too. We met a lot of families yesterday that are not going to church and so this week we will be visiting them. We have family home evenings scheduled for the next couple of nights with families so it should be nice. 

One thing that is really nice about this ward is there are a lot of people from Venezuela. It is awesome because they actually know about baseball- haha.  It is pretty cool to talk with them about it because there, baseball is what soccer is in Ecuador. They have a lot of cool stories about some player they met. One member even has a signature of Pablo Sandoval
Well everything else is really good here. We are having a great time and we are working very, very hard. The weeks are going by very fast. I have already been in this area for 3 weeks and it seems like it has been like 3 days I have been here. I hope everyone has a great week!
Love, Elder Sorensen

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