Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 30

Well it has been a another good week here in Cuenca! We have worked very hard this week and we had our 2 investigators at church so that was good!

Well this week on Monday and Tuesday we had Carnival so we could not leave the house for nothing pretty much. We had 2 hours each day to leave and talk with our investigators then after that we had 9 hours in the house. Those 2 days were very very long days. After that,  the week went by very fast. We have been teaching - Osvaldo and Javier.

Osvaldo is doing good he has been to church 2 times and only needs to go 1 more time. He will be baptized the 7th of March. It will be nice to see him baptized. He is 48 years old and a pretty smart guy.

Javier also went to church for his first time. His Aunt that he lives with is a member and he told us he wanted to be baptized before we invited him. That was a good sign. His only real problem is going to church. He usually works on Sundays, but we are working with him to change his schedule. 

Yesterday was also a Stake Activity- Missionary for a day. All of the young men in the stake left with us for the entire day to see what it is like to be a missionary. We walked a lot and the 2 young men thought that we were crazy for walking that much. They were about to collapse on the ground. 

Our mamita here in Cuenca is very cool. We get a 4 course meals every day. We get a bowl of fruit. Then a bowl of soup, after a main course then  a dessert (mostly a cake). The food is really really good here. On Monday members said that they would bring us guinea pig but they forgot. We were really excited for it too. 

Well that is about it for this week. We worked hard and are pretty tired, but ready for another week!

Love, Elder Sorensen

Cuenca at Night

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