Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 17

Hey everyone!

How is everyone doing? It has been a pretty good week for me. I hope it has been equally good for all of you guys!  We have got a lot done and continue to keep working. It has been a pretty quick week. When we are really busy, time seems to go by faster and faster.
Our investigator Antonio continues to progress. He has now gone church  2 times so if he go this next Sunday everything should be good for his baptism that will be on the 6th of December.  He is a very cool guy. He is 70 years old, but he is a hard worker and you could never tell that he is that old. He looks forward to every lesson that we have with him, and it is nice to see how happy he always is. He is really the perfect investigator to have. He will read the scriptures we leave him 2 or 3 times and really study them and has a great testimony as well.
We also have another investigator that could also be baptized on the 6th.  He has gone to church a lot of times, and Elder Margos and I thought he was already a member. We asked him and he said no he had never been baptized, but he has been attending church for the last couple of months.  Tonight we are going to talk to him to see if everything is good for his baptism on the 6th!  Those are the two we have been teaching that came to church this week.  We have a couple other investigators than we are teaching but they did not go to church this week. Hopefully next week we can get them to go. We are going to try to get a member to take us to all his friends this week. His name is Pancho and he is super famous around here in Piñas. Everyone seems to know who he is. When we are with him,  he stops to talk to everyone. So hopefully he can be our  key to success here in Piñas.  
Everything else is going good! Elder Riffel is the new companion of Elder Smith and he is a pretty cool guy. Everyone thinks him and I are related somehow because he is a little taller than me, with blonder hair and blue eyes as well. It is rare for them to see one gringo like us, with two they are probably pretty shocked! 

That is about it for this week.I hope everyone has a pretty good Thanksgiving!  Eat a lot of turkey and mashed potatoes and have an excellent week! I Can't wait to here about it next week! 

Love, Elder Sorensen


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