Monday, November 17, 2014


Hey Everyone!

Its has been another great week! We have been working hard to find some new people to teach. We have one investigator now that has a baptismal date for the 20th of December! His name is Anotonio and he is a little bit older, but he is a very cool guy. He really wants to do what is right all the time. He could not go to church this week because he had to go to Quito, but this next week he should be there. Hopefully this next week we can find even more people to commit to being baptized. 

First off, I think I will talk about church on Sunday. It was a pretty interesting day.  First of all,  all of the Elders had to give talks. It was my first time giving a talk in Spanish and it was pretty stressful, but I think it went pretty well. After 2 of us talked we had a special musical number by the 4 of us! Then in our class for investigators, we had a couple show up that we weren't expecting, and they had some pretty strong opinions.   I think they ended up sharing their opinion more than the teacher got to teach. I felt so bad for the guy. I was glad that he was very patient. It was the last day on the mission for Elder Atwell,  so we went to a members house and had a little devotional  that was very cool. For lunch that day we also had some fried shrimp that was very good. The best shrimp I have had since I have been in Ecuador! 

It has been very nice to live with 2 Elders who are finishing up their missions.  First Elder Thomson and now Elder Atwell.  Just to hear all their stories about the mission, and what we need to prepare for is very cool. I only lived with Elder Atwell for a little bit but I can tell he was a very good missionary. 

It has just been a lot of work here in PiƱas. There are lot of hills and stair cases, so by the end of the day we are tired, but it is awesome to be here.  The branch here is not that big. It is pretty much one family that makes up the whole branch. If that family does not come to church, I think there would be 15 people in the branch.  When they all come to church we have 70.  It just means there is a lot of people here to teach! I hope every has a great week!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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