Monday, December 1, 2014

4 Months!

Hey Everyone! 

How is everyone doing? I am doing great here in Piñas. It has been another great week and a fast one as well. We taught a lot of people, walked up and down a lot of stairs, and ate some good food. 
First off, our investigators are all doing pretty good. Antonio  will be having his baptism this Saturday and we are all super excited for it, and he is as well! It is very nice to see how happy he is for it. At church yesterday he went to all three hours and after church some of the members were going to a fireside in Machala, he was asking everyone if he could go with them because he wanted to listen to more talks. Saturday will be a really cool baptism. Our other baptism for Saturday fell through a bit, but hopefully we can get him baptized another day. We are teaching some other investigators but they don't have any dates down for baptisms yet. 
Last night we had a family home evening with Antonio, since none of his family lives near him. We just talked to him shared some messages, and went through the baptismal interview questions, so he would know what to expect tomorrow. He made us these things that are smashed up verdes (like a green banana) with some Mani (kind of like peanut butter but not as good) You mix them up then put them into big huge balls that are the size of softballs. I could not eat all of mine because it was sooo big! We had some kind of chocolate drink that tasted pretty weird. I drank it really fast just to get it down, but than he saw that I had no more so he made me more. The people here are so kind to make sure that we have food always! 
The weather here was pretty rainy, but really the rain is like walking through misters so it feels really nice. They all think it is freezing cold when it rains, but I think it is perfect. I wish it would feel that way all the time .We also had some good food this week. For Thanksgiving we bought a Pizza, so that was our Thanksgiving meal!  I think we had Pizza like 3 times this week. It is 2.50 for all of us so it is the same price as the restaurants and a lot better. It is our one break from rice. For every other meal we have rice. Luckily it is not too bad. 
That is about it for this week. It has been very nice to see how the Lord has prepared Antonio for us and how accepting he is to our message. We have really been blessed to be able to teach such a great guy. I hope every one has a great week and I will have some pictures of his baptism next week! 

Elder Sorensen

Giant Snail

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