Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 8

Hey guys another week has gone by! It has been a good week! We got a lot done and I keep on learning more and more Spanish! It seems like just yesterday I was writing you guys and it is here again!

This week we baptized two more people. Xiamara  (Ariel`s sister) and Yannina. Yannina`s was very cool because her family has been members for a while, but she never did get baptized. She has met with the missionaries for the last year but, would never commit to getting baptized. Then on Tuesday, our district leader decided to just do the baptismal interview with her, because she has received all of the lessons and goes to church every week. After he did, she agreed to getting baptized, but she did not tell anyone in her family. We all kept it a secret too. Then on Saturday she just walked in with her baptismal clothes on and to see the face of all of her family was very cool! It is definitely the coolest experience so far!

The food is pretty good. I have not gotten sick of rice and beans yet so hopefully I can make it for 2 years! We had KFC last P-day for lunch and then on Tuesday night we had some Pizza Hut because it is buy one get one free. Other than that though I have lived off  of cereal and eggs, and the lunch that we get every day. The meals that they give us are huge so it is tough to get it all down and it leaves us stuffed for the rest of the day. We also drink so much soda here! Every house we go to they run and get us coca cola at the store and so I have had more of that in the last two weeks then ever before! Then the fresh juices they give us are all really good as well!  Yesterday we had some Dorado which is a kind of fish that I like.  (Dorado is like Mahi Mahi)

I also got to do a guys English homework the other day. It was a big 120 problem assignment so I pretty much did it for him. It was all the English we would do in first grade so it was pretty easy!

We get around by walking a lot.   If it is kind of far away then we take the bus, it is a quarter and if it's farther away we take a taxi- it's about a dollar.

The weather has been super hot. It is hard to find a way to cool off. You go inside houses and it is even hotter inside. On Friday and Saturday it was unbearably hot everywhere. Then yesterday it got shady and started to rain so that was nice. The rain here so far is kind of weak. It is so humid that you really don`t feel it. It is more like walking through misters as it rains.
Khristian's Zone

Everyone that attended the baptisms this week

Lunch at a sweet members house.

GOOD = All the fresh juices we have for lunches
BETTER= The Family Pena's lunch.  She is such a good cook!
BEST=  The baptisms!

Well that is about all for this week! ! Have a good week everyone!
Elder Sorensen

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