Monday, September 15, 2014

Week 7 Off To A Great Start!

Hey guys!
Well I am now in Ecuador! How is everything going back at home?
My companion and trainer is Elder Herrera. He is from Columbia and speaks very little English! But it is all good because it makes me learn Spanish even more!  He is very cool. He helps me a lot and he has been in the area for a month already so he knows everything. I am doing good here.  It is very hot in the day, but during the night it can get pretty cold. It is perfect when I try to sleep. 
The food is very good here! Everything that we have eaten I have liked a lot. It is usually rice and beans with some kind of meat, and it really fills you up! On Thursday they gave us so much food that we could not even eat it!  Yesterday we had some ceviche or something like that. It had shrimp in it. It was pretty good definitely a different taste then what I am used to. Overall the food is really good. For breakfast and dinner I just make some eggs and toast real fast because the members make us so much food for lunch. 
My area is Venticinco de Julio. It is in the city of Guayaquil and I really like the people and members in the ward. So far everyone that I have met is awesome! There is one little kid named Diego that is like my best friend. He has never seen somebody with blue eyes before and so whenever he sees me he runs up just to look into my eyes. On Friday we had a talent show night where we had to sing and everyone else sang and it was a lot of fun. We have 4 total missionaries in our ward because is it growing so much.
On Friday I had my first 2 baptisms.  I really had nothing to do with teaching them, but my companion had me baptize them, so that was pretty cool. The little boy is only eight years old and he has already read the Book of Mormon. We also are baptizing his sister this next week!
Our apartment is pretty big in one way, but also narrow. We have to fit 4 beds in it,so it is pretty difficult to get everyone to fit there but we managed. Elder Tomlinson that was in the CCM with me is one of the other 2 missionaries in our area so it is nice. We both are learning everything around here together, and  it gives me somebody to speak English with. The showers are very cold, so since the ice bucket challenge is going on back at home, really everyday I am doing it when I take a shower.

We had church yesterday and it was ward conference and I really did not understand much at all. We then had the ward council meeting and it was great. It went on for quite a while, but it was good. 
Last thing was there was the big rivalry game between Barcelona and Emmulek last night. It is probably bigger than Red Sox and Yankees because how fanatical all of the fans are. The whole city was either in Blue or Yellow jerseys. Barcelona won 1 to 0 and you could sure tell when they scored their goal. The City erupted with a roar. It was pretty fun to see how passionate everyone is. 
Well that is all for my first week in Ecuador. I like it a lot and I will definitely make it for 2 years! Hope everyone has a good week and hear from you guys next week!
Love, Elder Sorensen

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On Tuesday, 32 new missionaries arrived in in Guayaquil South Mission.  From the airport, they went over to the Guayaquil Temple for a picture. 

First Baptisms

Elder Sorensen and Elder Herrera

First Apartment

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