Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hey everyone!

Well week 4 is over and we are now starting week 5 of our MTC stay! Only 2 more weeks and I will be off to Ecuador! I can´t wait!!! Yes I will miss it here a little bit, but Ecuador should be a lot better. The food is no longer appealing at all, because we have had it for so long now. The days we have American food are the good days! Other than my district, the only other thing I will miss here is how hard it rains. On Saturday it was absolutely pouring harder than I have every seen it, so some of us went out and played in the rain for a little bit, and got drenched. 

We got Hermano Vargas as our new teacher and Hermano Tinoco who helps Hermano Vargas- since this is the first time he is teaching a district. He is definitely a very cool guy! It is amazing how much love he has shown to us in the first week that he taught us. You can totally tell how much love he has for us in every lesson that he teaches us. He gave us this lesson on Friday and had us write down what our lives would be like without the gospel, and it was crazy to think how different my life would be without it. After we did that he showed us a video that was very cool. It just showed the life of a couple of kids from being born until they were saying goodbye, and getting ready for their missions. I think everyone was in tears after it was over, and then he had us all bear our testimonies. It was absolutely the most spiritual experience that I have had since I have been here. Our night teacher Hermano Polo is our favorite though. He is very funny and makes us laugh about every five seconds. He has only showed up on time to class once because he always has crazy excuses that happen to be true. Mexico City must be a crazy place! The most recent one was when he was turning into the MTC and a motorcycle hit him and popped his tire. We did not believe him so we went to see his car and sure enough his tire was flat. So a couple of us helped him change his tire and then we went back to studying. We also got to see Hermano Martinez again. It was hard to say goodbye to him the first time, now this time it was even harder. He was with us for a couple hours and we had some good talks. 
Ya I have heard about the Ice Bucket Challenge, my night teacher Hermano Polo was challenged so he went and did it with one of his friends and that was another reason he was late to class. He challenged the whole Provo MTC to it after.

My Spanish is coming along! By the end of these next two weeks I hope that I will be able to teach the people of Ecuador. From what our teachers have said, they speak the fastest Spanish there is down there, so that should be a good adjustment! Our lessons with investigators are getting easier. Now we don´t really have to study the words that we will say we just have to have an outline and we go with their needs. It is crazy how much Spanish I have learned in one month. After today is over we will be on page 500 in El Libro de Mormon. We should have it finished by next Wednesday the 3rd of September. I think that has helped me learn Spanish the most, and also to pronounce the words the easiest.

Yesterday we played one of the districts in our branch in Volleyball. They were supposedly undefeated until we played them. They were not that great and we beat them pretty good. Our district is pretty good at volleyball, so that is what we play the most. Today is Christmas in August for our district, so we drew names out for everyone and bought them some presents in the store.  Tonight we will be acting out the birth of Jesus and give our presents to the people we drew. It should be fun and get us ready for the next 2 weeks. Our time here is flying by but it also seems like we have been here forever! 

That is about all for this week I hope you guys all have a good week and can´t wait to hear from you guys next week!
Elder Sorensen

I asked Khristian what was GOOD, BETTER & BEST about last week.  

 A good thing this week was the rainstorm this Saturday.
 A better thing this week was seeing Hermano Martinez again.
The best thing was watching the movie that Hermano Vargas showed us.

When you all write to him this week, tell him what was GOOD,BETTER, BEST about your week! :)

The Amazing Saturday Rain Storm


  1. Does anyone know which video he is talking about? Mormon Channel? LDS.org?

  2. I'm not sure. I was trying to find it myself.