Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week 2

Hey guys!!!

    My second week here is just about over! This week has flew on by and it is crazy that it is already Tuesday again! I am doing great and learning a ton of spanish. Nobody in my district has gotten sick, so that has been really great! With the new districts that got here I think every single one of them got sick. On Saturday there were 60 missionaries who all got a 24 hour flu and then there was even more on Sunday who got sick. 
    We finished teaching Ivan our first investigator this week and we got better and better as  time went on. It is crazy how fast you can learn spanish when you absolutely have to learn it so you can talk to them. We got Ivan to commit to being baptized on September 13th which he said is his birthday. It is crazy how well they can act like a real investigator when you are teaching them. They can remember what you taught them each week and you can really feel the spirit as we teach. Elder Kwak and I did not know that it was our last time teaching him so we did not get to say our goodbyes.  I am sure we will see him around here since he teaches here. With the end of Ivan we got two more investigators to teach. They are our two teachers Hermano Martinez and Hermano Polo. They are both very funny and I am glad that we have them to teach us. Their names as investigators are Valentin and Jorge. We have only taught Valentin so far and he was very tough on us. He was not willing to do much and would not even pray at the end. These two investigators will definitly be a bigger challenge than Ivan was.
       Last tuesday night we also got 2 more roomates to fill our apartment. They are 2 Elders that are both from Mexico. We have had a ton of fun with them and they have taught us a lot about Mexico and also some Spanish Tongue Twisters. They also taught us that if we ever get robbed to just keep three dollars in your wallet because that will be plenty of money for them in Ecuador. They also taught us about the cops in Mexico and if you get caught by them you can give them money as a bribe and you will not get caught. It is a pretty crazy place down here! There are houses that surround us from all sides and you can hear sirens non stop, but somehow you can still feel the spirit so strongly in the midst of all the commotion. 
     Last night, the new Elders bought us some chips that they thought would be way to hot for us. They were Habanero Lays but they were not really that bad. We ate them all, while they were guzzling water thinking that they were way too hot. They told us that we are now more Mexican then they are. They will only be here one more week since they are only here for 2 weeks and we will be sad to see them go.
       The food is progressively getting worse. At first we did not think it was too bad but now it is getting bad, and we still have 4 more weeks! The saving grace for breakfast and dinner is a peanut butter and Nutella sandwich. If it was not for them I am pretty sure that I would have lost some weight already! We did get some cheeseburgers yesterday for lunch and it was very nice to have some American food again. We get Pizza for dinner tonight so Tuesdays are pretty much the best day of the week by far!

This week some new missionaries came and guess who one of them was? It was Jaylen who played on the Wildcats with us. It has been nice to talk some baseball with him since I have not seen him for so long. This next week I will try to get a picture with all 3 of us who are here that played for the Wildcats.   

      Well that is about it for this week. I miss all of you guys so much! Have a great week and I will talk to you guys next week!! 
                                       Love, Elder Sorensen

**Hey Friends and Family, anyone recognize their tie?

Another rainy day.

New roomies

Future super model???

Khristian and Jaylen played baseball together on the Wildcats.  They haven't seen each other since they were like 14

Treats from the new Elders

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