Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Week 3 Field Trip!

Hey guys!
       How is everything going? I am doing great! This last week has surely been a great one! We are now halfway done here and I think everyone is anxious just to get going!  My Spanish is coming along very well and I feel that by the end of the MTC I will be able to give the lessons in Spanish, but I am pretty sure that anything other than that will be a struggle. Although, this last week went by pretty fast there were some sad goodbyes that happened. First Hermano Martínez our morning teacher that is honestly one of the greatest person I have ever met had to leave. It was very hard for the District to say goodbye to him, and there were a lot of tears that were shed for him. Also this week was our Spanish Elders room mates last week also and they left Monday morning. They had become some of my best friends.  Our district was very popular among the Spanish Elders because we were constantly talking to them. They also loved Elder Kwak, and every time they would see him you would hear: KWAK KWAK KWAK. He is pretty famous with the Spanish Elders now I would say. We had a party to say goodbye to Elder Gomez and Elder Servin on Saturday night and on Monday morning we said our sad goodbyes.
       Elder Kwak and I have increasingly got better at teaching. It is crazy how much more Spanish I have learned in 3 weeks than all the years in High School. I think in the first week we learned more. They just throw you into the language and force you to learn it. Yesterday we got to teach our new teacher Hermano Vargas who´s name as our investigator is Alejandro. After our lesson he came up to us and told us that if we would have talked just a little longer on prayer we would have given the perfect first lesson in Spanish. So it is nice to hear stuff like that and know that all the hard work is paying off!
        Today we got to go to the Temple just to visit the visitors center for a couple of hours. It was very nice to get outside of these walls and see Mexico City. The city is crazy!!!! I have never seen so many people and buildings all in one place. I do not think that I could ever drive on their roads though, they are so narrow and busy that it would be very crazy. There are houses and buildings that go in every direction,  and lining the streets are people trying to sell anything they can. The visitors center was very cool too. It is too bad we didn´t get to go to the temple because their temple is pretty amazing. We also got to see some Cathedrals as we drove to the temple and they were pretty cool too. Nowhere close to as cool as what the temple was though.
         Well there has not been much else that has gone on this week. We have started to get into a routine and every day feels the same now. Lets hope these next 3 weeks go by a little faster than the last 3 because I am getting a little restless here in the MTC\CCM.  Now I just have to get Spanish down and I am ready to GO!!! Have a great week everybody and good luck in all that you do!
Love, Elder Sorensen
I asked Khristian some questions this week
  1-How many days has it rained?   Every day but 3 When it rains is pours, it just doesn't sprinkle.
  2-What 3 words describe the last 3 weeks? 1-Spanish 2-Como se Dice (how do you say?) 3. Study
  3-What is a regular day like?  Breakfast at 7:45, then Gym after that. After Gym we have class until 12:45 then we eat lunch.  After lunch we study until 3:30 then we have our night class until dinner at 6:15aft that we study until 9:30.
Mexico City Temple


Saying good bye to his favorite instructor.

Khristian's favorite treat

Field Trip!

Good Bye Party


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