Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Week 1

Well my first week is just about done! The first days seemed like they went on forever but days are starting to fly now! They throw us right into Spanish! The first day we met our teacher and it is only Spanish from him. It was pretty tough to understand at first but I'm starting to get ahold of it. We also got to teach our first investigator on the 2nd day. He really is just going to be a night teacher. It was very frustrating to know what to tell him but not be able to speak to him. I can understand just about all he is saying but talking Spanish has been tough. Luckily Elder Kwak can speak Spanish he just does not understand. He works really hard to learn the language and we have been setting a ton of goals to learn the language. If we can teach the first lesson after 3 days here, I can not imagine what will happen once we are here for 6 weeks.  I think we work pretty well as a team. Our second lesson went awesome and we taught with the spirit. He even said that he would be baptized. It went very well.

Elder Williams* the one that you met is the one that loves the Red Sox. It has been killing us not to know what went on for the trade deadline so it is nice to finally find out!  (Karter is keeping him updated) Me and him are very good friends. Our whole district is pretty cool but me and Elder Williams get along very well. We have 8 Elders and 2 Hermanas in our District. Oh and I am the District Leader! I was surprised on the second day when our Branch President told us that I was the District Leader. So I am in charge of getting everyone in our district to learn Spanish. It is a hard task but I think that I can get it done!

The Food here is not the best but I can handle it. It is hard for any food to taste good after I've had your food! They do give us alot of candy for lunch though so that is the highlight for our days. We also had Pizza the second night and I now know why people look forward to it. It is so nice to have food from America! I did not think that when we came down here the food would all be Mexican food also! 

Well that is about all for this week. If you want to know more just ask me and I will let you know next week! Can you send this to everyone to let them know how I am doing? Thanks Miss you a ton! These 2 years will go by fast and I'll be home before you know it!!!

  -Elder Sorensen

*After we dropped Khristian off in the airport, we met a missionary and his family as they were walking in. It was Elder Williams.  They were a super nice family!***

Elders in the rain.

Khristian's District-
 They are all going to the same mission.
(There were 16 of them that arrived in Mexico at the same time-all going to the Ecuador, Guayaquil South Mission)

Khristian's Companion

Fellow Red Sox fan! 

6 hour rain storm on day 1


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