Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 77

Well it has been a very fast week. This week was a little better for the zone. We were able to have more people to go to church and we had a baptism. Richard was not able to be baptized because we was sick. His throat swelled up a lot and he couldnt breath well so he spent the weekend in the hospital. He was a little bummed, but he is excited for his baptism this week. We were able to find a couple of other people to teach aswell. We found an older guy Carlos that recently has lost everything.  He really feels bad and he is willing to do everything to follow Christ right now. We also found an older lady Pilar.  She is a really nice lady, and really likes our lessons. She told us yesterday that we explain things a lot better than the leaders in the Catholic Church.  I thought that was pretty funny. The city of Loja I believe was built for super short people. Our bathroom door is very small and I have to duck to go in every day, but in the morning I always seems to forget and slam my head on the door haha. I think I have done it like 30 times in these two weeks haha. Everything else is going really well. It has been pretty hot here, but I think it is about to change because it has rained that last 2 days. I am pretty excited to work here in Loja and change the peoples lives here. I hope that everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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