Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Week 74

Well another week has gone by, but it was a great week! It was fun to talk with the family, even though the hour zoomed by. My companion and I have beeen having a great time in Cuenca. We were able to have a baptism the 26th of December, so that was a great way to celebrate Christmas. It was a great one because we worked hard just to have the baptism happen. It seemed like everything went wrong as we were setting up for the baptism. First, the font was super dirty so we had to clean it, then we had no gas, so the water was super cold. We had to run with the heavy gas tank 5 blocks and buy a new one and then return with the full one (which was heavier). haha Then, the water heater wouldn't work. Once it started to work the water did not want to come out and with 1 hour until the baptism, the font was only a tenth of the way full. We decided to say a prayer that everything would go well and that it would fill up by the time of the baptism. We then left the church to go and get the clothes for the baptism, and when we got back the font was filled. After that I thought WOW that was a lot of work and nothing more could go wrong... I was wrong haha. The clothes did not end up fitting her so we ran back to the house for more clothes, and then the bishop still had not gotten there. We started the baptism without him and he got there just in time to confirm her. It was a TON of work  but a great baptism that we could see a lot of miracles happen. On Sunday we were able to have Mariah and Angel go to church, and they will be getting baptized on Saturday if everything goes well.  I am  excited to be here  in Cuenca and the work is going great. I hope that everyone has a great new years day!

Love, Elder Sorensen                                                                                  

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