Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Week 56

Well  we had quite a good week! It was a good time! I have a new companion it is Elder Perez. He is also from Peru. This is now the third companion from Peru that I have had. haha We worked really hard and we also completed our goal of 56 baptismal invites in the week! Some people accepted and went to church and we ended up having 5 investigators with baptismal dates at church. We also found a family as we were contacting that went to church! I always thought that just talking to everyone on the street would never work, but it finally did! I will talk about them a little later.

We had the baptism of Joseph! It was really cool. His mom who is a less active member went to the baptism and to church Sunday to see him recieve the Holy Ghost. We also talked to his dad who is not a member and he told us that he is glad that his son is taking this step and that his son is an example for him. 

Also the daughter of Esperanza went to church. She has gone to church 3 times now and will be getting baptized this Saturday! So we will be having a nother baptism this Saturday. It will be the third Saturday in a row with baptisms. 

Now to the family that we found. It is the T family. They are super cool. It is the dad Mario. The Wife Mayra and their 3 kids. Leandro is 11 and the others are too young to be baptized. We found them Thursday night  went we were just inviting pèople to be baptized. We talked to the dad and after a while the wife came and then the son. We ended up inviting them to be baptized September 26th and the accepted it. We have had some really good lessons with them and they ended up going to church on Sunday. It was cool to see them there and they really liked it and said they will be back this next week! 

Well that was the week! I am super excited to keep working here in Diamante. The people here are ready to hear the gospel and a lot of them are accepting the gospel. It is cool to see that the Lord is preparing all of these people! I hope that everyone has a great week! It will be stake conference here for us this coming week!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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