Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 55

Well another week has gone by and it has been a great time here in Diamante. We have been super busy teaching everyone and have been finding a lot of new people to teach.  Jordy did end up getting baptized and it was a lot of fun. There was quite a bit of young men there and he was super excited to have all that support. His mom ended up going to and it was cool to see her there supporting him.  

We also were able to find a less active mom who has a bunch of kids that are not members. We talked to her Saturday night and she told us she would go the next day. When we passed by for her in the morning she was all ready to go with one of her daughters. The two of them went and enjoyed church a lot. That night we passed by to teach her and her daughter and we found two other kids that she has and taught them. We had a really good lesson and in the end the 3 kids accepted baptismal dates. The will be getting baptized the September 19th. It should be a cool baptism. The mom is pregnant right now and I think next month she will be having her kid aswell. Should be a pretty cool month for them! As we left the meeting the mom (Esperanza) told us that she really liked the church and she wants to go every week now.

Joseph also went to church and will be getting baptized this week. He is really excited for his baptism and is really smart. When we follow up on the stuff that we have taught him, he remembers it all. His mom told us that she will be at his baptism and aswell as when he recieves the holy ghost the next day, so that should be cool. Hopefully it can get her going to church again. 

The other people that had to go did not get to church so we just have the one baptism this week but the next week, we could have a lot. This week we have the baptism for Joseph. The next week we have the baptism for Justin and for Jordan and maybe for Elizabeth. And the 19th the kids of Esperanza.

It was a pretty good week, and we are ready to work hard again. It is awesome to see the work coming together and see how happy everyone is to receive the gospel. I hope everyone has a great week!

Love, Elder Sorensen


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