Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 27

Hey guys!

It has been another great week here in Piñas! Probably the best one since I have been here! Maybe the best in my mission. We had quite a bit of investigators in church yesterday. We worked hard and found some new people that really like our lessons and maybe will be baptized. Arturo was able to go to church and will now be baptized this Friday! We are pretty excited for him. The weather cleared up and it was a pretty good week. We are looking forward to this next week to keep working!
Arturo continues to love our visits. We visit him every day because he loves it! He starts sitting outside his house at about 4:00 waiting for us to come so he doesn't miss us. He is a very great guy and he thanks us just about every second we are with him for teaching him the gospel. It is definitely such a blessing to be able to teach, him and now for him to be baptized is awesome! This Friday will be a good one!
Mario and Maria did not make it to church this Sunday... We were a little bummed, but we will get them there this next Sunday, and they will be set for their baptism next Saturday the 14th for Valentines! We were only able to visit them once this week because work has been busy for them.

We also found a new family.  We taught their daughter English last Sunday, then returned and taught their mom Alba, on Wednesday. We invited them to the church. (they are super busy and it is hard to find time that they can be taught). The mom and daughter ended up making it to church, and they brought their Cousin. They really liked the church, and hopefully they will be back this next week!

We also found the daughter of a lady that is a member that has not been baptized, but wants to. She came to church this Sunday, and will be coming back next week for sure. She still does not have a baptismal date, but we will have one with her shortly.

Last of our investigators is Vinicio. He has came to church twice now. He is a friend of a member. He is a pretty cool guy and has a baptismal date for the 21 of February.  It should be a good week! 

We also brought 4 less active members to church, so that was a success as well! When I first got here we had like 70 people going to church. At church yesterday we had 87 people there so the branch is getting bigger! 
Well I hope everyone has a great week! We will be working hard, and it should be a good one!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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