Monday, January 26, 2015


Well it was another week of hard work here in Piñas. We talked to a lot of people and met some pretty cool people as well. Elder Pollock and I went to Portovelo almost everyday because we seem to have a lot more success there. When we are in Portovelo everyone will talk to us, but in Piñas we just hear "I am busy come again another time". So we like it a lot more in Portovelo.
Mario and Maria were in Guayaquil this week so they were not able to go to church, but they should be there this next week. That will be their 3rd time going so in about two weeks they could be baptized. Hopefully it all goes according to plan. Mario is very sure that he wants to be baptized. Maria not so much. We are working as a team with Mario as we teach to try to convince her. On Wednesday we are having another family night with them. While they are in Guayaquil they are buying some root beer and we will be having a root beer float party, we are pretty excited. Our last family night with them was very cool. We made some cookies and cooked them at their house. It was nice to have some cookies from the U.S.

Arturo did go to church yesterday. He has gone to church 2 times now too, so this next week will be his 3rd time. Everything should be good to get him baptized on the 7th with Mario and Maria-hopefully! We are pretty excited to teach him because he keeps on telling us of more and more people that he is sharing the gospel with too. He said next week he is bringing one of his friends to church, and last week he brought his brother.
Well this week we had some pretty good food too. Our Mamita made us some really good French bread, and we had some pretty good chicken. She does not like to cook us a lot of rice because she knows we do not like it a whole lot, so that is nice too!
Well that is all for this week, I hope everyone has a good week!

Elder Sorensen


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