Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 24

Hey guys!

Hope that you guys have all had a great week because I have had a very good one!

We are still teaching Mario. He and his wife are very cool and Mario knows a lot about the church. Oh and another cool thing is that they can both speak English fluently! They want to practice their English so they have us teach and talk to them all in English. It is pretty cool to do. He also used to have the Singles Ward song track, so he was singing us Book Of Mormon stories in English it was pretty cool. Him and his wife have baptismal dates for the 14th of February, but they only need to go to church 2 more times,  so the date can be moved forward very easily. Mario really wants to be baptized, but his wife Maria, is not too sure. But she seems like she is liking the church more and more with our lessons.

We also have a couple of other investigators, that we are teaching, but they did not come to church, so we are going to find out what happened, and what we can do to help them. This last week we went to Porto Velo a lot. It is a little town outside of Pinas. Everyone that works there are Miners. It is a cool little Miner town. 

We also are going to start having only one Mamita cooking for us everyday for lunches. It is a new rule the mission is doing. We chose Maria a lady in the ward that has a son on a mission is Brazil. She always makes really good food. This last week she made us a really good fruit salad.

Well, that is about it for this week. I hope everyone has a really good week!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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