Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 21 Merry Christmas!


It has been a very very good week here in Ecuador! Not really very successful but definitely one of the best weeks here on the mission. 

The reason it was so good this week is because President Torres gave us a pretty great Christmas present. On Tuesday Morning we got a phone call that we needed to pack up an extra pair of clothes and get to Guayaquil because we were going through the Temple on Wednesday. So we got our stuff all packed hopped on a 6 hour bus and made our way to Guayaquil. Not only was the temple super super cool but I saw a lot of the people from my district and it was nice to catch up with them. We had like 4 zones that went through so there was quite a bit of us. The temple has like its own hotel right outside of it so we slept there on Tuesday night.  In the morning we went through the temple than hopped back on the bus to get back to Piñas. It was quite a journey, but a lot of fun. Wednesday night was also the Barcelona Emmelec game. It ended in a tie, but it was 1 to 0 for Emmelec in the last few minutes I guess that Barcelona scored, and the city erupted in cheers. It was at like 945 so we were getting ready for bed, and it was pretty crazy to hear the screams. On Sunday they played again for the Championship. Emmelec ended up winning. We were in our Consejo de Rama while the game was going on but you could tell when it ended because for the next 60 minutes we heard nothing but car horns. It was pretty crazy. 

The rest of the week was kind of a tough one though. We invited 8 people to be baptized everyday and a lot of them said yes. But on Sunday the day where you find out if they are serious or not, they did not show up. The family we are teaching went on a trip and so they could not show up either. It was kind of a bummer, but at the same time we ended the week feeling pretty good. This week we did everything possible to get people and investigators to church, but they always have their agency to choose whether or not they will go. 

Sunday was a good day in church though. The 4 missionaries  here had the talks, so we all gave talks on Christ. There is not very many members here so the missionaries I guess usually have a talk once a month. It went pretty well and I hope that most of them got my message. 

Well That is about all for this week. It has been a week of hard work. We are doing all we can and thats all we can do. Looking forward to a great Christmas week and I hope that everyone has the best Christmas yet!

Love, Elder Sorensen

  Temple Trip - Back with some Elders from the MTC.  They look so Happy!
Sunrise in Ecuador

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