Monday, April 11, 2016

Week 89

Hey! Well I got transfered... Haha I am  now in Guayaquil again and it is very hot! It is like 100 degrees during the day and at night it cools off to be 90 degrees. I cant escape the heat!! I dont understand why they dont have air condicioners here in Guayaquil haha. The members are pretty awesome here. I am in the same Stake where I started my mission in the Stake Pradera. On Sunday I actually got to see some people from my first ward and they still remembered me. That was pretty cool. We are teaching a lot of people. We are mostly just teaching less active members and helping them get back to church.

 I also got to do a temple session on Tuesday so that was great. I could feel the spirit pretty strong. My new companion is Elder Cutipa. He is from Bolivia and has 7 months on the mission. He has a bunch of time in the sector, so I am pretty sure that he will have transfers soon, so I gotta learn the sector super fast. On Saturday, President Torres came to our meeting, and he seems really excited for his new calling as a member of the 70.  He will finish the mission and then go to his new calling. That is about it for this week. I am ready to work here in Guayaquil again. Afterall this is the city were they baptize a lot! :)

Love, Elder Sorensen

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