Thursday, July 30, 2015

Week 51


We had a great week! We had a training with President Torres this week. We also had to move houses, so we are now living in a new house. Elder Munoz also had transfers  and I am now with Elder Del Pino. He is from Peru and has 15 months on the mission. We have had a good time working and found some new people this week. We also had the baptism of Rodrigo. It was a pretty eventful week and it went by fast.

We had 8 investigators in the church yesterday. It was nice to see the people there after a lot of work this week. We had Mercedes an older lady that has now been to church 2 times. We has Justin who also has been to church 2 times. Jordy a 14 year old that has went for the first time. Andres another 14 year that is friends with Jordy. It was cool to see the 2 friends there. We also had some people that are not married so we have to wait a little bit before they are baptized. 

On Saturday for the baptism it was pretty crazy. We got to the church at 2 to fill up the baptismal font, but for some reason the font did not want to fill up. We started to fill up buckets and put the water in the font using water from the bathroom. That still was not working. We talked to someone in the ward and he told us the water tank was empty. There was a big acitvity for the Relief Society in the morning and they used all the water. We found that out at like 530. We were stressed and had no idea what to do. In the end we called some other missionarys that had a baptism, and we had the baptism in their church. It ended really well, and there was like 25 people that went. We had  cake and soda and everything went really well. 

Well that was the week. It went by super fast and we worked pretty hard. Hopefully we can get the same people to church and find some new people to teach on top of that.

Love, Elder Sorensen

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