Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 48


Well some big news! I was transfered last week. I got the call Monday night at like 9 that I had transfers and had to be in Guayaquil in the morning at like 7. So I got my stuff packed and left. I am now back in Guayaquil in the sector Diamante. My companion is Elder Munoz from Hondorus. 

We will be having three baptisms this week, so I am pretty excited. There are 2 other people that could also be baptized we just got to get them excited for it, so in all we could have 5 baptisms this week if we work super hard. I am pretty excited about it. This ward is really cool. We have some ward missionaries that help us alot. They leave with us to help with visits every day for the entire day. It has been nice and they have helped us alot. We have a lot more people going to church in this ward too. There is 130 active members right now. My companion tells me that last month when he got here there were 70 people attending, so it is on the rise. 

Oh, and when I got here there was some other great news. Elder Williams is in the zone too! So I will be able to talk to him on Tuesdays and Saturdays. So I am pretty excited for that. Christmas was the last time I saw him. We had 8 people at church yesterday, and a bunch of less active people too. There is a lady we did not think was going to go to church because we went to her house and she was not there. We got to church and then like 20 minutes later she walked in with her kids, so that was pretty cool. 

It is very hot all week long. I forgot how hot it is here. The heat you can not leave it behind! The shade is just as hot as it is out in the sun. Everywhere you go is just hot! I am starting to get used to it again. 

Well that was my week, we have worked really hard and it was worth it because we had 8 investigators at church.  I am excited to see what we can do here in Diamante!

Love, Elder Sorensen

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