Monday, May 4, 2015

Week 40

It has been a pretty good week!  We ate some pretty good food and found some pretty cool people to teach! It seems like this week went by super fast- I blinked and it was gone! Here are some of the people that we met this week.

The Palacios family. The dad is from Peru and they have plans to get married in like 7 days now. They have 2 daughters 9 and 7 years old and a 3 year old boy. They are a cool family and hopefully they can get married so they can be baptized.

         Betty. She lives with her parents but has a couple of kids. She is divorced from her               Husband. My companion taught them when he was here before and said they are                 pretty cool and are pretty interested. 

The best of all of our investigators is a guy named Cristian. We found him after church yesterday and  he really wants to listen to our message. We did not have a lot of time to talk to him but have an appointment with him tomorrow at 8. 
        Another less active family went to church this week too. We were pretty excited about          that. We were working with them for like 8 weeks and they would never go but                      yesterday they finally came back! 

          Please keep them all in your prayers. 
Well that was my week it was a fast one and it went by pretty fast! I hope everyone has a great week!
Love, Elder Sorensen 

The Elders cook!

Fried Tacos

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