Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 43 10 Months!

Well it has been a pretty great week this week! Definitely one that I will always remember! It had been a tough week all the way until Friday. We did not have many people to teach and we were praying that we would find somebody that we could teach. Right after the prayer we received a reference from our zone leaders and we went to teach him. We taught him a little bit and he seemed pretty interested. And he accepted a baptismal date. Then that night I went and did some baptismal interviews for the zone leaders.
The baptisms that the Zone leaders had was very cool. It was the Carmona family. They found them like two months ago and have been teaching them. They were waiting at a store when the mom approached them and asked them what she should do. She had cancer and has 5 kids. She was scared and did not know what to do. The  zone leaders taught her a little then and the next day went to her house. They had been teaching them for a while now and this week they finally wanted to be baptized, so I went and did the interviews. At the end of the interview one of them wanted me to baptize them and so I got to do one of the baptisms. It was a very cool day.
The guy that we found that accepted a baptismal date is David. He is 18 years old and a very cool guy. His family does not believe in God but he is looking for the right church. He went to church yesterday and had went to conference so now he only needs to go to church one more time to be baptized. We will be teaching him this week and if he can get to church we will baptize him next week. We are hoping that we can teach his parents and brother this week too.
We also had a really cool lesson with Miriam yesterday. She is a little sad and does not know what to do because she does not have a job and does not know how she will pay all the bills. As we were teaching her I was thinking about a way that she could receive blessings. I was going through everything in my head and had no idea what she needed. I had the feeling we should teach about fasting. It ended up being a really good lesson and the spirit was strong.
Well there was my week. It was a really good one. It went by fast and everything is good here in the ward Tomebamba. I hope everyone has a great week!
Love, Elder Sorensen

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